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BloomWellness is a wellness company focused with providing corporate health and wellness  programs and strategy for organizations. In order to achieve our mission, we have designed exclusive health and wellness corporate events where we host wellness talks in corporate setups that target specific group in order to educate, create awareness, increase engagements, and demonstrate the importance of making health a top priority for people in order to enable an unceasing work energy and productivity in their life career.  

Among the wellness events that we have been hosting is “Women Health Talk”, which is a series of wellness talks targeting women employed and those self employed to create awareness and demonstrating the importance of maintaining good health and wellbeing as a crucial practice in daily life. The Women Health Talk event started in 2019 and has been taking place once every year. We have been hosting the Women Health Talk event in collaboration with The Doctors Plaza Poly Clinic and we have already engaged over 1500 women through the event series since the first event in 2019.

Women Health Talk

Women Health Talk 2019

We launched our first Women Health Talk event in 2019 in collaboration with The Doctors Plaza Poly Clinic. We hosted in Dar es salaam and hundreds of women who are both employed in the corporate and those self employed attended.

Women Health Talk 2020

The Women Health Talk 2020 series happened in Dar es salaam, we hosted different health and wellness programs and engagements including; educational presentations, biometrics screening and other group discussion on health topics

Women Health Talk 2021

The Women Health Talk 2021 series kicked off, where over 500 women participated in the event including top public figures and leaders who saw value of the program to women in increasing awareness and self engagements in health and growth

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